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Marcelo Nathan
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My name is Marcelo Nathan, after five years stranded on a island of really bad fan-arts, i've come to DeviantArt with only one goal: to vector draw some really cutie ponies. But to do so, i can't be the Rainbow Dash fanboy i once was. To honor Pinkie Pie's memory ,i must become someone else. I must become something else. I must become...SaturnCronus


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Cate Lannister and Ed Stark by SaturnCronus
Cate Lannister and Ed Stark
Just an illustration of a theory of mine.
Brienne and Jaime would have a daughter in the end and would name her after a woman they both admired: Catelyn Stark.
Sansa would meet a lowborn and fall in love with him. Their son's name is a tribute to her father, Eddard Stark.
When House Stark comes to pay a visit to Brienne in Tarth, Ed and Cate fall in love with eachother.
Their marriage marks the end of the feud between Houses Lannister and Stark.
This is probably the most unlikely ending to the series but who knows..
Jorah, The First Man by SaturnCronus
Jorah, The First Man
A drawing of one of my favorite GoT characters: Jorah, The Andal...that's actually a First Man since he was born in the North.
Jon Snow - The White Wolf by SaturnCronus
Jon Snow - The White Wolf
"A dragon was born in the south
A crow swore to protect the wall
The wolf's been crowned King in the North
The winds of winter are here!"

I would put this "poem" in the drawing but my lettering sucks...

I listened to this for…
Batman is Being Watched by SaturnCronus
Batman is Being Watched
Well..not my first time using a tablet and not my first time trying to do comic book coloring. As matter or fact, i might say that this is the best drawing i´ve ever done but it still can get a lot better.
It's not a perfect piece of work, the line art is a mess, the colors are also messy but it was something really fun to do.
Note:Sorry for drawing Batsy left-handed...He's not, my mistake.
Suicide Squad's Joker T-Shirt by SaturnCronus
Suicide Squad's Joker T-Shirt
I can't believe i did it.
It's not really a complex stencil, it was actually kinda easy o cut it, it took me about about 5 minutes to draw and cut it.
But to paint it in my shit...Well...a long idk hours and crying angry minutes. I destroyed two t-shirts of mine and i went out just to buy another t-shirt to do it. I was like Bruce Wayne: "This might be the only thing i do that matters".
My brother actually liked one of the bad shirts and said he wanted to keep for when he grows up(i wanted to burn it though)
Maybe some hobo will want the other bad shirt(or not, because it looks really, really bad) ((ihope you got this reference))

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